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How can we compare banks versus brokers? Let’s imagine that instead of shopping for a loan, you’re at the mall looking for a place to eat. You go into the McBank, and there are only four menu items available. McBank restaurant is easy to find, but what if you’re in the mood for a taco, or your diet requires something gluten-free? McBank cannot accommodate these needs.

Maybe it’s time to visit the Mortgage Broker food court. Here you find several restaurants in one convenient location, with a variety of choices from vegan food to steak. You can select the perfect fit for your dietary needs and personal taste.

Why limit your palate to the options offered by McBank alone, when there is so much more available to you? The same holds true for big banks versus mortgage brokers.

A Mortgage Broker can provide:

  • Access to multiple lenders to find the best programs and rates
  • Flexible options for borrowers with low credit scores or income challenges
  • An expedited loan process with fast closing times

Are you ready to visit the mortgage broker food court? We are ready to show you our array of options! Give us a call at 916-228-4930 or email info@elevatemortgage.net to set up a consultation.